Country: Denmark

ABV: 43%

Volume: 500ml

Varietal: Pilsner malt, purple wheat, and Belgian Saison yeast

Distillery: Empirical Spirits


Empirical Spirits Profile


When Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen set off in creating Empirical Spirits in 2017, they were guided by a child-like curiosity about how the world works. This perspective blended with their knack for tinkering, exploration, and continual refinement. The result? A powerful blend that pushes Empirical Spirits to be focused on creating the best flavors possible.


This process is unequivocally difficult and frustrating sometimes… actually no. It’s difficult all the time. We’ve custom-built machinery, developed hybrid fermentation techniques, augmented low-temperature distillation, and traveled to source the highest-quality ingredients globally. All this because of our maniacal approach to complete our vision. We’ve told ourselves, we’ll worry about making it pretty later. For now, it’s about writing a playbook, that doesn’t exist, one distillation, one spirit, and one flavor at a time.


If it wasn’t clear, Empirical Spirits is a flavor company.


Product Description


Made from Pasilla Mixe, a special, smoke-dried chili grown at 2,700 meters above sea-level by the Mixe people. It is endemic to the Sierra Norte mountains outside of Oaxaca City, Mexico. Chili possesses a twilight, dark red fruitiness and a unique earthiness that refects the rugged terroir in which it grows. The final spirit is based on pilsner malt, purple wheat, and Belgian Saison yeast with Pasilla Mixe as the botanical. It is left to rest in Oloroso Sherry Casks for 21 days.


In their native language, the Mixe people are known as Ayuuk. Its name is a reference to this community and the beautiful Pasilla Mixe farming tradition they uphold.


Tasting Notes



Palate: Earthy, dark red fruit, smokey


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